Satguru Ghasidas Baba is incarnation of "Sat" and "Truth" in the human form. He is only one Satguru. He is only one God.We are Thankful and proud to be a Satnami and blessed by his holy Place (Tapobhoomi) Giroudpuri Dham : Jai Satnam!

  • Truth is God And To worship truth is the true worship of GOD.
  • Worship of any Idol is strictly probhibited.
  • Repeat Only Satnam Satnam in your heart!!Worship of any Idol is strictly probhibited.
  • All Human-being are equal and there is no gradation .Human-being is a human-being and no other than that.
  • Follow the path of nonviolence by heart mind and Deeds.
  • Treat Every woman like a Mother.
  • Do not steal.
  • Do not accuse anyone falsely.
  • Dont Milk the cow which calf is no more.
  • Dont belief superstition and caste system should be avoided.
Guru Ghasidas Org
This Organization is for the All People who are the follower of Guru Ghasidas Baba who gave us precious Satnam Dharm to us.We all are Blessed of Guru Baba who give us The "True" way of "Truth".
This is the strong Organization to support the Satnami Samaj to give Vision and Values of "Satnam Panth" and "Unity of truth" .
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Celebration of Guru Ghasidas Jayanti , in Hanoda Village ,Borsi Road, Durg, Chhattisgarh

Great performance by Panthi Artist. Celebrating Guru Parv by dance and Panthi song .


Satguru Ghasidas Baba gave us Satnam Panth . Satguru Ghasidas established a hereditary system for Satguru. The entire Indian Philosophy and religion accepts guruism. All the branches of Indian Philosophy Are very mysterious as according to them truth is far away from intellectualism and logic. ‘Satya’ travels from Satguru to his disciple in the world. There is one way By which truth can be attained, by having faith in Satguru. Because only Satguru can make you feel the Satnam (Supreme Being).

       Having faith in the Satguru is necessary for the spiritual up Gradation of a disciple. A true disciple becomes a toy in the hands of the Satguru. This why, Satguru has been given the supreme satatus in Satnam Panth. Quite often Satguru becomes synonymous with the god or god can be achieved through Satguru.

       Satguru is living example of God. He enlightens his disciple and makes Him attain god. Satguru is not considered as a common man. There is no difference between Satguru and God. Satguru has been placed at par with father, mother and God. Satguru can save you from Lord Shiva’s anger but no one can save you from Satguru’s Anger.

       We can understand Satguru’s “Tantravad” by the tradition “Satlok”. Satlok is comparable with the Yugnaddha of Buddhist tantra. Basically Satlok Or Yugnaddha means ‘Ekya ke param siddhant mein dwait ka sanshlesham’. This theory has been elaborated in the fifth chapter of ‘yugnadhkram’.There are several moral responsibilities of a Satguru. Satguru defines penalty for the social outcaste, when the outcaste is re-entered in the Satnam Panth. When people are devoted to god, they are only Supposed to recite Satnam and ask for the grace of the God.

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